Vehicle Auxiliary Control Systems (VACS)

Now in service with various international military operators.

MAVTECH has over years designed, developed and supplied a long list of Vehicle Auxiliary Control Systems tailored to customers’ requests. These systems range from basic features such as air horns and steering wheel height adjustment locks to more complex Vehicle Driveline Control Systems which include intelligent safety interlocking features. These features have been installed on a wide range of South African designed vehicles now in use internationally.

MAVTECH’S systems may be hard-wired or controlled via CAN-Bus J1939 or as per customer-specific requirements. All individual control modules are rated at IP 68, allowing them to be mounted either inside or outside a vehicle.

Various solutions may be offered, all assembled as separate modules or incorporated into a single multi-system unit. Multi-system units may be extended to accommodate up to twelve electrical control outputs and 8 electrical signal inputs.



Central Tire Inflation System (Dynamic)

Mavtech’s Tire Pressure Control System (CTIS) allows users to easily set tire pressures while their vehicles are in motion.

Central Tire Inflation System (Static)

Tire Pressure Control System (TPC-S) is a system which is designed to regulate tire pressure manually. Tire pressures can only be set when the vehicle is stationary.

Driveline Control System

  • Axle differential locks (4×4, 6×6, 8×8).
  • Transfer case lockup selection.
  • Transfer case high/low range gear selection.
  • Axle overpressure features for amphibious vehicles or vehicles subjected to deep water wading conditions.
  • Interlocks may include the monitoring of gearbox neutral position prior to allowing the selection of high/low ranges as well as an audible alarm of any differential lock selection above a prescribed vehicle speed.

Access Door & Hatch Control

MAVTECH USA offers both pneumatic and hydraulic solutions, as per the requirement. Typically the hydraulic option caters for heavy rear door ramp-hatch controls. Pneumatic solutions are available for swing door requirements.

Blast and landmine locking features can be incorporated as an additional feature and linked to the driver’s console.

Generic Control Options

MAVTECH USA’S Vehicle Auxiliary Control Systems may cater for any of the following:

  • Riot vehicle scraper raising and lowering controls.
  • Riot vehicle window chemical dispersant features for the clearance of liquids or paints used by rioters to obscure a crew’s situational awareness.
  • Trailer emergency release via cab-controlled tow pintle.
  • Air brake charging feature which allows park brake release and serviceable air brakes as well as driveline gearbox neutral selection while recovering and towing unserviceable vehicles.
  • Main engine cooling fan damage protection system for exceptional deep wading operations
  • Driver steering wheel adjustment lock features.
  • Biological and chemical warfare seal control and monitoring features.
  • Raising of radio masts may also be interlocked, thus preventing untimely and un-authorized operations.
  • Monitoring of independent crew “stand-up hatches” prior to the arming of any remotely operated vehicle mounted gun systems, is also a feature already in use with various customers worldwide

Vehicles equipped with MAVTECH TECHNOLOGY systems include:

  • Husky route clearance and mine detection vehicle systems
  • RG31 family of armoured personnel carriers
  • South African Army G6 self-propelled Howitzer
  • RG12 riot control family of vehicles
  • Ginseng armoured personnel carrier
  • Arlan armoured personnel carrier
  • Mbombe family of vehicles
  • Puma family of vehicles
  • LM13 family of vehicles
  • Kasser family of vehicles